The Associate of Science (A.S.) degree provides a foundation of general education studies with a concentration of coursework in mathematics and natural sciences. This degree program is designed for students who are undecided about their educational goals, prefer small class sizes, need academic skills improvement, or desire a more gradual entrance into the university. The course offerings for the A.S. are scheduled to meet the needs of working adults and are offered primarily in the evening at the Gallatin College East campus.  MSU on-campus housing is not available for A.S. students.

Students may earn the A.S. degree as preparation to transfer to a Bachelor degree program at Montana State University or another university. The degree is well-suited for students who wish to pursue studies or a career in the sciences, medical, or technology fields. Each student will follow a specific curriculum based on the student’s personal, long term, and educational goals; as well as entering skills in math and writing.

To receive the A.S. degree, the following requirements must be completed:

  • General Education Core requirements (30 credit hours)
  • Coursework in Mathematics and Natural Sciences beyond the Core (9 credit hours)
  • General Education Electives (21 credit hours)

Outcomes: Graduates are prepared to:

  • Demonstrate the Montana State University Core 2.0 outcomes;
  • Think critically in evaluating information, solving problems, and decision making
  • Consider the application of the natural and physical sciences and mathematics in the context of today’s world
  • Transfer and apply knowledge and skills into Bachelor’s degree program

Course Schedule

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