Linda Simpson

The medical environment is rapidly changing. I needed to update my information and skills. The Medical Assistant program provided theory, practical office applications, and a great little lab to practice and hone my skills. There were plenty of exams to encourage studying and, in addition, practice for taking the comprehensive certification exam. Instructors were hands-on and readily available to answer questions, explain procedures, and investigate vague concepts so that the students would understand the big picture as well as the details. The smaller classes provided opportunity to develop relationships with other students and to discuss study techniques, concept challenges, and to provide support. Thanks for the opportunity to attend Gallatin College classes in after-work hours. Keep up the good work!Linda M. Simpson (Registered Medical Assistant)


I chose to attend Gallatin College because I wanted a degree in Interior Design and I wanted to stay in beautiful Montana! When I was searching for colleges to apply to, I was so excited to learn that Gallatin College offered a two-year program in my desired field. I was just as nervous as any other kid coming to college for the first time until I attended orientation and felt more than welcome to be a student at Gallatin College. It was so much fun meeting everyone and knowing that this was the place for me. What I liked most about the Interior Design program was being with such a great group of girls through the two years of school. I learned so many things about each of them and made long lasting relationships. I also enjoyed all of the classes offered in the field. I felt like I learned so much in two years and came out with a variety of knowledge from each course. Jill Steyee (Interior Design)

Jackie Swanson

The Bookkeeping program at Gallatin College allowed me to gain some very relevant skills in a very short amount of time. Within a week of graduation, I had a full–time Bookkeeping job. My very first day on the job I used at least one concept or activity from every single class from first and second semester—I couldn't believe how well prepared I was given that I did not have any bookkeeping experience before I got this job. The program is outstanding and comprehensive. Jackie Swanson, Bookkeeping Graduate

Welding graduate

After finishing the welding program at Gallatin College, I got a job up at Stillwater Mine. There is a lot of demand for people with welding skills and it is awesome to make real money. My new employers are pretty impressed with my welding ability and I figure I owe that to Gallatin College. Even though I may not have been the best student, I pulled through and am doing exceptional now. Jordan Holmes, Welding Technology Graduate

Barbara Van Horn

I wanted to advance my career, but my husband and I are established in Bozeman and there were limited night courses available. Then Gallatin College added a Medical Assistant program, and classes were at night--I could continue working full-time and attend college full-time. It is great having classes only four nights a week. The instructors are great too. They want to see you succeed—you are not just another student. They will bend over backwards to assist you in any way they can. It is great that you can complete the program in one year, but honestly, I would have loved it if it was a two-year program! Barbara Van Horn, Medical Assistant Graduate

Janessa Motley

When I reflect on my experience as a Gallatin College student, one of the first words that come to mind is 'personal'. Because the Interior Design program is so small, it was easy to quickly form friendships with the other design students who shared most of my classes. Not only were these relationships fun, but they were very useful as a networking tool to be more successful in my classes as well. Being a part of Gallatin College, I felt each of my professors truly cared about helping me achieve my goals, both in their class and in starting my career. I was no longer a nameless person in a class of hundreds, only known by my ID number, but was one of a good handful of students in my class, allowing me to feel I was appreciated, as well as held accountable for the quality of my work. All the faculty and staff involved made themselves available to support and offer guidance whenever it was needed. Having close relationship with the director of the Design Department, my advisor and my professors was what made my two years as a Gallatin College student such a great experience, and one that I will always treasure. I found that the Interior Design Program catered to my learning style, as it is much more about hands-on, project-based learning than taking lengthy exams. Janessa Motley, Interior Design Graduate