Gallatin College MSU provides access to two-year education and workforce training programs that create improved opportunities for individuals and the business community. Collaborating extensively with area industries to develop new programs, Gallatin College provides responsive education and training options that meet local workforce needs. 

To learn more about the advisory boards contact Gallatin College MSU at (406) 994-5536.

Gallatin College 

  • Pam Fisher, Community College Consultant
  • Marilyn King, Bozeman Public Schools
  • Jeff Krauss, Bozeman City Commission
  • Kallie Kujawa, Bozeman Deaconess Hospital
  • Jim Ness, Big Sky Western Bank
  • Paul Reichert, Prospera Business Network
  • Daryl Schliem, Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Leland Stocker, Belgrade Public Schools
  • Byrdeen Warwood, Bozeman Public Schools
  • Jenni West, Montana Manufacturing Extension Center
  • Steve White 


  • Gary Bishop, MSU College of Business
  • David Boyd, ACM Aviation
  • Doug Cairns, MSU College of Engineering
  • Doug Chapman, Montana Aircraft, Inc.
  • David Kack, MSU Western Transportation Institute
  • Steve Nicoll, World Airlines
  • Ben Walton, Summit Aviation


  • Stacy Bateson, Amatics CPA Group
  • Laura Humberger, MSU University Business Services
  • Brian LaMeres, City of Bozeman, Controller
  • Jennifer Silvey, Silvey Consulting
  • Sydni Tangaro, Holmes & Turner
  • Troy Watling, Gallatin Airport Authority

Business Management 

  • Jolene Barcus, Big Sky Western Bank
  • Keith Hamburg, MSU Financial Education and former business manager
  • Larry Biladeau, Murphy Business – Real Estate
  • Karen Vinton, SCORE
  • Lee Cook, MSU
  • Amanda Schultz, Prospera

CNC Machining Technology 

  • Anthony Heiberg, Advanced Innovation
  • Ben Rogers, Spark R&D
  • George Kobb, King Machine
  • Glenn Foster, King Machine
  • Jason McHann, Tikka Shooters & Mountain Tactical
  • Jim Gier, Valley Machine
  • Matt McCune, Autopilot
  • Mike Marrow, MSC Industrial Supply Co.
  • Q Rothing, Pocket NC
  • Tom Devine, Montana Instruments
  • Tom Jungst, MSU Associate Teaching Professor for Mechanical and Industrial engineering
  • Tony Knick, Knicks Machining
  • Tyler Jarosz, Twenty6 Products
  • Val Lint, MidWest Welding & Machine

Drafting and CAD Technology

  • Brain Amen, Anvil Corp

  • Tyler Bennett, Mid West Welding and Machine

  • Cody Croskey, TD & H Engineering

  • Jeremy Driscoll, Big Sky Insulation

  • Nick Ehly, ACE

  • Marissa Fuher, Bright Black Design

  • Todd Fullerton, Black Timber Furniture

  • Ross Hammand, CTA

  • Ryan Liebscher, Barnard Construction

  • Brian Nickel, Harvey's Plumbing

  • Randy Radke, Belgrade High School

  • Dean Squires, Morrison-Maierle

  • Craig Woolard, MSU Engineering

Health Care 

  • Dr. Bronwyn Bacon, Elevate Health
  • Maria Barbula, Livingston Health Care
  • Dr. Booth, Booth Dental
  • Dr. Justin Eisel, Bozeman Health
  • Patty Erickson, Bozeman Health
  • Isabelle Garliepp, Bridger Care
  • Dona Gonzalez, Bozeman Health
  • Dr. Shannon Jones, Booth Dental
  • Lavelle Krob, Bozeman Health
  • Jen Krum, QualiCare
  • Kaylee Larson, Bridger ENT
  • Nicole Madden, Bozeman Health
  • Jan Matney, nCenter Coding
  • Charity Michalson, Gallatin Plastic Surgery
  • Hannah Pulaski, CHP
  • Katie Robertson, Alpine Orthopedics
  • Sophie Teague, Elevate Health
  • Amber Vanluchene, ZipClinic
  • Melissa Ward, Bozeman Health
  • Dr. Zacharisen, Family Allergy and Asthma

Interior Design 

  • Laura Fedro, Laura Fedro Interiors
  • Jessica Herbst, Thistle and Twine Studios
  • Kristie McPhie, McPhie Cabinetry
  • Carol Merica, Design Associates
  • Michelle Varda, Varda Interior Designs

 Photonics and Laser Technology 

  • Randy Babbitt, MSU - Spectrum Lab
  • Steve Birrell, Quantum Composers
  • Rob Cambell, Lawrence Livermore NL
  • Mary Johnson, Wavelength Electronics
  • John Malachowski, FLIR Systems
  • Ashley Olsen, Aurora Innovations
  • Rand Swanson, Resonon
  • Mike Todd, Ascent Vision Technologies
  • Jay Wilkins, ESI
  • Jason Yager, Quantel Laser USA

Transfer and General Education 

  • Mark Albee, Bozeman Job Service
  • Diane Donnelly, MSU Academic Advising Center
  • Cara Stevens, student representative
  • Ken Dorning, student representative
  • Michael Babcock, MSU Faculty Senate
  • Maire O'Neill, MSU Faculty Senate
  • Mike Ruyle, Bozeman Public Schools
  • Jeff Hostetler, Gallatin College faculty member

Welding Technology 

  • Brian Bliss, General Distributing Company
  • Mike Houghton, Manhattan High School
  • Lance Johnson, L and L Site Service
  • James Newell, Liberty Fence and Deck
  • Mike Winters, Mike Winters Metalworks
  • Mike Stephens, Stephens Welding & Construction/Marine
  • Kevin Meyers, MMC
  • Kevin Brownlee, Montana Steel Industries
  • Scott Schintzius, Dark Horse Customs
  • Demien Eichelle, Volcan Metalworks
  • Bob Stredwick, Custom II Manufacturing