Yes, there are different tuition rates for Gallatin College and MSU.  Students’ tuition is based on where a student is listed as degree-seeking.  Students who are seeking degrees at both MSU and Gallatin College in the same semester must list their MSU major as their primary degree.

Applied workforce degrees:

Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) degrees are minimum 30 credits (~1 year), Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees are minimum 60 credits (~2 years)
These degrees are designed to prepare students for immediate entry into the workforce.  Credits taken in these programs do not typically apply to Bachelor’s degree requirements.

General education/transfer degrees:

Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) degrees are minimum 60 credits (~2 years).  
These degrees are designed for transfer toward a Bachelor’s degree.

It depends on the class. Developmental math and developmental writing classes are open to MSU students. Workforce and general education courses typically utilize a Gallatin College enrollment restriction and offer priority enrollment to Gallatin College students. MSU students who would like to take these courses may contact Gallatin College and may be allowed to register if space is available and pre-requisites are met.

There are a few exceptions of courses that have been designed to also meet MSU students’ needs: Medical Terminology, Welding Theory/Practical I, Intro to Computers, CAD 1, and Intro to Interior Design are examples. Students are encouraged to contact Gallatin College if they are interested in enrolling or have questions about availability.

Yes, students are allowed to pursue both an applied workforce degree and an MSU Bachelor’s degree at the same time.  Students who would like to take courses toward both degrees in the same semester must list the MSU major as their primary major and pay MSU tuition.  Students who want to pursue two degrees and would like to take advantage of Gallatin College’s tuition rate must take classes only toward the Gallatin College degree in any semester they are paying the Gallatin College tuition rate.  Students may not pursue an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science (general education degree) at the same time they are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.
Students who have never enrolled at MSU or Gallatin College must submit a Gallatin College application.
MSU students who want to declare a Gallatin College degree need to complete a Change of Curriculum form.  There are no additional application requirements.
MSU students do not need to re-apply to enroll at Gallatin College.  Students who are not currently enrolled must fill out an Intent to Register form through their My Info account. Students who intend to pursue a degree through Gallatin College should complete a Change of Curriculum at that time.
Gallatin College students working toward a workforce degree may live in MSU housing. MSU housing is not available to students working toward Associate of Arts or Associate of Science (general education) degrees.
All Gallatin College courses are transcripted on an MSU transcript.  Therefore, Gallatin College and MSU grades are all factored into one grade point average (gpa).  Zero-level developmental courses do not count toward a student’s Earned Hours, but are factored into the gpa.
No.  Suspended students are not allowed to enroll at any other MSU college or university.  Students may pursue suspension appeal and reinstatement through the college from which they were suspended.  If MSU students wish to appeal with the intent to transfer to a Gallatin College degree program, please confirm support from the appropriate Gallatin College program prior to supporting the appeal.
Gallatin College students have access to the majority of MSU services, including the library, computer labs, Office of Student Success, and more.  Gallatin College students have the opportunity to opt-in to fees that provide access to the Student Health Center, MSU Athletic events, or the Hosaeus Fitness Center.
Gallatin College degree-seeking students are eligible to apply for financial aid.  Students complete the FAFSA with the MSU financial aid code: 002532.