HVAC-R students have the opportunity to pursue a one-year Certificate of Applied Science to prepare for work as a HVAC-R Installer, or continue on to receive a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree to work as a HVAC-R Technician. 

The HVAC-R certificate and degree programs are designed to teach the theoretical, technical and procedural aspects of working in the HVAC-R industry with an initial focus on residential systems and advanced instruction on commercial systems and new technology. Through coursework and hands-on training, successful students will be prepared to immediately enter the workforce at a promising wage and in an industry actively seeking these highly demanded skills. 

HVAC-R first year students learn to: 

  • Explain the fundamentals, similarities, and differences of HVAC-R systems within residential and commercial buildings
  • Interpret blueprint plans and ladder wiring diagrams
  • Adhere to safety rules and regulations according to industry policies and laws; appraise workshop environments and apply correct practices when utilizing tools, equipment and substances
  • Utilize proper welding, brazing and pipe-joining techniques
  • Demonstrate installation on techniques utilized in the industry
  • Comprehend parallel and series circuit systems


Students continuing on to the second year will learn to:

  • Plot the cooling, humidifying, dehumidifying, cooling cycle, and cooling reheat processes
  • Calculate “U” values, lighting load, equipment load, heat load, and moisture load. Determine air flow and velocity
  • Troubleshoot, repair, and maintain HVAC-R equipment
  • Gain a knowledge and understanding of control system
  • Develop and utilize professional communication skills
  • Identify energy sources and consumption; Evaluate conventional and advanced energy conversion technologies

Potential Annual Salary:
$42,000 (entry) - $70,000 (after 3+ years of training)

Program Information:

  • Year 1 Program Description
    Year 2 coming soon
  • Program fees: students will be required to purchase their own tools for use in this program and in their future careers


Weatherization Center HVAC Lab     HVAC Electronics Lab


Important: This program has limited openings and has been at full capacity in recent years, please apply early and contact Gallatin College for further information if interested.