For Southwest Montana High School Students

Our Dual Enrollment courses offer Southwest Montana resident high school students an opportunity to earn high school and college credit at the same time. We invite anyone seeking an authentic college experience in a supportive setting to participate in our program, and we offer options for both Career and Technical Education (CTE) and general education. Dual Enrollment courses typically take place at local high schools.

Students may also take Early College courses on our campus or online, however availability is limited and only college credit is earned. 

Dual Enrollment:

Both college credit and high school credit are earned through an approved DE class in an accredited high school

Students enrolled at qualifying, accredited high schools are eligible to enroll in courses pre-designated as Dual Enrollment. The course list and availability differs from school to school, with a focus on Career and Technical Education (CTE) and some general education. These courses are set up for students to earn high school and college credit at the same time. Students must be 16 years of age when they enroll.

Please contact your high school instructor or school counselor to learn more and register for the coming semester.

Early College:

High school student enrolls in a Gallatin College course

High school (including homeschool) students interested in enrolling in a Gallatin College course  may select the "Early College" option in the DE Gateway (see application below) to view the courses available for high school students to enroll in each semester. In most cases, students will only earn college credit. Students must be 16 years of age when they enroll.

ACTG 101: Accounting Procedures T 1:10-2:55 | GC East

BMGT 210: Small Bus. Entrepreneurship.  TR 4:30-5:45 | GC East

CAPP 120: Into to Computers: R 12:15-1:30 | GC East - Blended Online

COLS 103: College Learning Strategies -Online

COMX 111US: Intro to Public Speaking - T/R 1:40-2:55 CG East

DDNS 131: Intro to Drafting and Design - Multiple Times 

GH 100IH: Intro to Wold Cultures - TR 1:40- 2:55 | Lewis 306 

HDSF 101IS: Idiv and Family Development Lifespan - TR 10:50-12:05 - |GC East

NUTR 221CS: Basic Human Nutrition - T/R 1:40-2:55 | GC East - Online

WRIT 101W: College Writing -Online 

*Important Notes:

Students who opt to take courses on Gallatin College or MSU campuses will need to meet MSU's immunization requirements prior to the start of class.

Courses are available on a first-come first-served basis. If you do not see a course of interest, we encourage you to consider MSU Early Admissions (link below).

Early Admissions:

High school student enrolls in a MSU course

High school students interested in enrolling in an MSU course will need to apply separately through MSU admissions and follow the "Early Admissions" requirements.


Dual Enrollment and Early College Benefits:



  • It doesn't get any cheaper than this:

Through the One-Two-FREE initiative, the Montana University System covers students' tuition for two dual enrollment or early college (on campus) courses. After that, students still pay only half-price tuition - around $56 per credit - with no university fees.

Important:  Once your dual enrollment course(s) registration is processed, in approximately 10 days you will receive an email notice on any applicable pending tuition balance charges you are officially responsible for (i.e., credits not covered under the One-Two-Free program.) For assistance with dual enrollment/early college course billing or payment, please contact MSU Student Accounts at or call (406)994-1991.

  • Hit the ground running:

Dual enrollment and early college credits transfer throughout the Montana University System and to accredited institutions nationwide, so students save time and money toward completing a degree.

  • Give college a try:

Dual enrollment students challenge themselves by taking college-level classes, but they receive plenty of help and encouragement from their teachers and peers. This positive environment empowers all participants to learn, grow, and discover their passion. 


Begin the Application Process

Step 1a - Dual Enrollment:
Inquire about High-School Courses

Contact your high-school counselor to inquire about what dual enrollment high-school courses are available. For additonal questions, contact us at or inquire today

Step 1b - Early College:
Inquire about Online or College Campus Courses

Review the online or Gallatin College campus options listed above. If you need additional information please compete an inquiry form.  

Step 2: Submit an Application

NOTE: If you experience any issues with the new DE Gateway application below, please view the student or instructor guides or send an email to Dual Enrollment & Career Pathways and our DE Gateway IT team will assist you.



College and Career Pathway Information

We encourage you to check out Montana Career Pathways to learn about in-demand jobs right here in Montana as well as the relevant coursework and professional preparation that will lead you to these fulfilling well-paying careers! Gallatin College is invested in positive student outcomes and strengthening Montana's economy.