Developmental courses are designed to develop students' skills to ensure success in subsequent courses. High quality instruction, small class sizes, and out-of-class support are hallmarks of the Developmental Education program. Courses taught include:


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about developmental/0-level courses

What is a Developmental Course?

Developmental courses are designed to improve a student's mastery of certain skills necessary to be successful at the college level. Developmental courses will refresh or build skills in math or writing.

Do developmental (zero-level) courses count towards full-time status?

Zero-level courses count towards students' credit status for financial aid, residence hall requirements, insurance benefits, and intercollegiate sports qualification.

Do developmental (zero-level) courses count in my GPA?

No, graded zero-level courses are not calculated into a student's GPA.

Do zero-level courses count towards graduation?

No, developmental courses are not included in a student's 'Earned Hours' toward graduation (MSU students need 120 'earned hours' for graduation). Developmental courses do, however, count toward the calculation of a semester's course load and successful completion means students have met the prerequisite for the subsequent Math or Writing course.


Our mission

The mission of the developmental education program is to provide engaging learning opportunities to enable students to enhance academic and life skills, to succeed in developmental coursework, to excel in subsequent college-level courses, and to become lifelong learners.