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Dining Details

Lunch is served every Friday during the spring semester from 11:30am to 1:00pm in the Hannon Hall Dining Room. 

Please follow the Gallatin College flags to the side of the building to enter the dining room.

Prices may vary, dining room accepts credit card payments only. 

Take-out orders available, please go to host stand to place order. 

Questions? Please email Mike Dean at michael.dean3@montana.edu or Bruce Eiting at  tavern287@gmail.com

As part of our educational programming and hospitality, the Bistro team does try to offer vegetarian options or adjustments to our regular menu each Friday. We understand different diets are prevalent, that there may be dietary restrictions due to choices, or medical issues, or allergens, and accommodate as we are able.


Our standard service is one entrée, with an accompaniment. We don’t have the facility space, or the number of students, to prepare more than that one entrée per week. That’s where we’ll try to modify our menu or recipe to provide services to all guests; we often don’t know how that modification may work, so we’re unable to advertise that option when we post our menu and photo each week. At this point, it’s probably best to inquire with the Host at the front of the Dining Room upon arrival to the Bistro.


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