The Aviation Electronics Technology (Avionics) program teaches the
theoretical and technical applications of avionics within the aviation

Through hands-on training with aircraft electronics and associated electrical equipment, you will learn to test, troubleshoot, and repair components for aircraft communication, navigation, instrument and control systems. Graduates will be prepared to earn industry recognized certifications and work as technicians in the aircraft electronics maintenance and repair field, earning high wages in an industry needing these highly demanded skills! 

Aviation Electronics Technology Students Learn:

  • Electrical components for aircraft communication, navigation, instrument, and control systems as applicable to current and emerging aviation industry practices.
  • Avionic inspection and maintenance procedures as required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
  • Professional and ethical work practices for the aviation industry.
  • Applications of avionics technology for aeronautical principles, design characteristics, and system operation for a variety of aircraft.
  • Operating procedures for aviation computers and related technology.
  • Component troubleshooting for complex avionics systems.
  • Precision tool and test equipment use for accurate repairs.
  • Critical knowledge for industry-related exams including the Federal Communications Commission Radio Operator certification exam.
    ...and much more!


Potential Annual Salary:
$38,000 (entry) - $70,000 (after 3+ years of training)


Sample Course Outline:

Outline is subject to change.

Year 1 Fall       Spring
Aviation Electronics Fundamentals 3  

AVMT 100 Introduction to Aviation
Maintenance Mathematics and Physics

ETEC 101 - AC/DC Electronics with Lab 4  
AVMT 175 Aircraft Electrical Systems 3  
WRIT 121 Technical Writing 3  
ETEC 106 - AC Circuit Analysis   3
ETEC 113 - Circuits Lab   1
Wire Harness and Connectors Lab   3
Instruments and Controls   3
PHSX 103IN - The Physics of How Things Work   3
COMX 222 - Professional Communication   3
Year Total: 16 16
Year 2 Fall Spring
ETEC 250 - Solid State Electronics I 4  
FAA Regulations 2  
Aviation Communication Systems 3  
Aviation Navigation Systems I 3  
CSCI 107 - Joy and Beauty of Computing 3  
ETEC 245 - Digital Electronics   4
Aviation System Interconnect   2
Flight Line Testing   2
FCC Regulations and Radio Theory   2
Aviation Navigation Systems II   3
Advanced Wiring and Troubleshooting   4
Year Total: 15 17
Total Program Credits: 64


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