A person makes adjustments to a blueprint on a tablet screen.

Drafting & CAD Technology

Begin a career in drafting in areas such as architecture, engineering, manufacturing and construction. 

A.A.S. in Drafting & CAD Technology

Through this 2-year program, students in the Drafting & CAD Technology program at Gallatin College MSU acquire the skills necessary for entry-level drafting jobs in the design/drafting industry using computer-based systems to produce technical illustrations used in manufacturing, production, and construction. Sometimes called a CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) technician, students will create design concepts that are workable in the real world. Using the CAD software, students perform calculations, develop simulations, and manipulate and modify the displayed material. Although most drafters work at computer terminals much of the time, students will also learn traditional drafting which entails creating manual drawings at drafting tables.

The Drafting & CAD Technology program is part of Gallatin College MSU, southwest Montana’s two-year college.




The cost of tuition at Gallatin College MSU is nearly half that of a traditional 4-year degree program elsewhere.

High Demand for Graduates

There is a high demand for graduates in drafting & CAD technology as the technology is employed by more business sectors, such as construction or manufacturing.

Flexible Schedule

Most students work full-time and class schedules usually accommodate students with responsibilities outside of school.




Workforce Skills

Graduates of the Drafting & CAD Technology program are prepared to:

  • Create construction documents and shop drawings for architects, engineers and manufacturers
  • Visualize and measure 3D objects and buildings and recreate them in computer-aided design software (CAD)
  • Render objects and buildings for presentation in programs including Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD Architecture, SolidWorks, Revit, 3DS Max and SketchUp
  • Create a complete set of residential plans using CAD software
  • Draw a site plan including topography using CAD software
  • Estimate construction material quantities and building costs


Drafting & CAD Technology students at Gallatin College MSU go into careers such as:

  • Architectural Drafter

  • Industrial Drafter

  • Manufacturing Drafter
  • CAD Technologist

To explore more career possibilities, Gallatin College MSU has a variety of resources available to help with navigating the job search process, including career services and internal job postings.