Dual Enrollment classes are those qualify for both high school and college credit at the same time. Concurrent Enrollment is a type of dual enrollment that is taught in the high school during standard school hours but qualifies for college credit for students that choose to opt in.

Students must first be enrolled in the course through the high school and then complete application/registration paperwork for the dual enrollment program. Pre-requisites and/or placement/standardized test scores may be required. All dual enrollment students must complete enrollments by applicable deadlines to be enrolled. These dates change each semester and are available from the dual enrollment coordinator.

We process Fall course enrollments at the beginning of the school year, or between mid August and early September. Spring course enrollments are processed in November/December, before students leave for Christmas break. Yearlong classes are always enrolled as spring semester credit bearing classes. See the list below for your school to determine when your enrollment occurs. We do allow a few late enrollments for extenuating circumstances but must officially meet MSU Bozeman's Admission's Office application deadline which is the 5th class day of each semester on the university academic calendar. Contact the dual enrollment coordinator if you want to opt in for dual credit.

Dual enrollment students pay half the Gallatin College tuition rate with no fees. Therefore, students pay just $51.95 per credit, or $155.85 for a 3 credit class. This is a substantial cost savings (for example, tuition and fees if you are enrolled for a course as a degree seeking student at Gallatin College would equal $476 for a 3 credit course and at MSU it would cost$850 for 3 credits.

Motivated junior and seniors in high school can take college classes at Gallatin College MSU, when space is available in a class and if the student meets the course pre-requisites, and take advantage of the same half price tuition rate. Check out the course catalog for Gallatin College and select the appropriate semester and subject area. If you find a course you are interested in, contact our dual enrollment coordinator.

Note: Some courses may be available for college credit only (not dual enrollment), may have additional course fees, and may require the purchase of textbook and/or other course materials.