A group of medical assistant students perform basic medical tests on each other as part of a lab.

Medical Assistant

Assist physicians, nurses and other medical staff in the daily operations of physicians’ offices, clinics and surgical centers.

Certificate of Applied Science in Medical Assistant

Through this 1-year program, students completing the Medical Assistant program at Gallatin College MSU will acquire the skills necessary for entry-level jobs in medical settings. Students will learn to work in ambulatory medical settings such as physicians’ offices, clinics, and surgical centers.  Additionally, graduates will understand how to function as members of the health care delivery team and perform administrative duties and basic clinical procedures.

The Medical Assistant program is part of Gallatin College MSU, southwest Montana’s two-year college.

Important: This program has limited openings and has been at full capacity in recent years, please apply early and contact Gallatin College for further information if interested.



An illustration of a heart, a heart monitor line piercing the center.

High Demand for Graduates
Now more than ever, physicians, nurses and other medical staff rely on medical assistants as a part of the team in the dynamic healthcare industry. 

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Flexible Schedule
Most students work full-time and class schedules usually accommodate students with responsibilities outside of school.

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Accelerated Time to Degree
Students are ready to enter into a career in one year after completing the Medical Assistant program at Gallatin College.




Clinical Experience

Through this program, students gain direct clinical experience and understanding of clinical practices to heal patients. Many go straight into careers in the medical field upon graduation and some go on to further education such as nursing programs, physician assistant programs, and even pre-medical programs. The program helps students start a rewarding career in the medical field with a focus on patient care.


Medical Assistant students at Gallatin College MSU go into careers such as:

  • Urgent Care Medical Assistant

  • Hospital Medical Assistant

  • Family Practice Medical Assistant

To explore more career possibilities, Gallatin College MSU has a variety of resources available to help with navigating the job search process,including career services and internal job postings.