Business Management Professional Certificate

The Business Management Professional Certificate provides students for a career as a successful small business owner and opens the door to a variety of professional careers. The required courses include: Introduction to Business, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Small Business Entrepreneurship, and Advertising. Students will also be required to complete 3 elective courses to complete the certificate. The credit structure is sixteen required credits and nine credits of elective requirements for a total of 25 credits.

After Certificate completion students will be able to:

  • Objectively evaluate their concepts and plans for moving forward with their business plans.
  • Develop a working knowledge of business fundamentals such as management principles, marketing, product/service development, sales, and basic accountancy.
  • Understand and be capable of building a business infrastructure for business operations, processes and financial decision making.
  • Explore risk and success factors in the marketplace, develop a media strategy.
  • Understand how to access human, financial, and business resources.
  • Create an environment that encourages interaction with other entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • Identify and meet market needs, learn to respond to changes that can impact business.
  • Build an actionable business plan; and be an effective and prepared leader.

More Information

This Business Management Professional Certificate will not only prepare students for a career as a successful small business owner it will also prepare students for employment as administrative assistants, professional positions in banks, and as office managers meeting the local employment demand.

This certificate is for anyone in the community, the traditional student that knows they should continue their post-secondary education and has a general interest in business, administration, finance or office support or an experienced community member that has started a business and wants to gain more practical knowledge about running a small business.

Required Course Name


BGEN 105: Intro. to Business 3
ACTG 101: Accounting Procedures 1 4
BMGT 215: Human Resource Management 3
BMGT 210: Small Business Entrepreneurship 3
BMKT 240: Advertising 3

Elective Offerings

ACTG 122: Accounting & Business Decisions 3
ACTG 125: QuickBooks 3
BMKT 222: Customer Service & Marketing 3
BGEN 235: Business Law 3
TASK 127: Office Success Strategies 3
BMKT 112: Applied Sales 3